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Housing Request Form

To confirm a space at Newport Place you must first submit a formal housing request by completing the form below. Submitting a form is an inquiry only. We will review and respond to your housing request form within 48 hours. All fields are required.

  • No payment is required to submit a Housing Request Form (30-day minimum stay requirement)
  • Each resident is required to submit his/her individual form
  • You are under no obligation to accept a Temporary Confirmation
Tip: This form is best completed after browsing our Floor Plans, Unit Descriptions, Rates and Photos.

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Personal Information

Note: US based residents are required to provide their social security number when their application is approved. Or it may entered now.
Note: If your application is approved, a copy of your photo identification will be required to Confirm a space.
Example: Passport, Drivers License, State ID Card.

Lifestyle Questionnaire

To better serve your housing needs you can choose to let us know more About You and your Lifestyle.

Rent Payment Information

Proof of Income (Optional)
Examples of accepted proof of income include: Pay Check Stubs, Bank Statements, Financial Statements, Scholarships, Grants, Etc.
You may only upload files with one of the following extensions: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, PDF, DOC, DOCX

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Rental History

For those without a current residence or rental, such as digital nomads, travelers, etc., please indicate 'Other' to complete your form.

US Based Applicants Only

The information below is required for US based applicants.
Have you ever been evicted?
Do you have any criminal convictions?

Credit Check: All US based applicants may be subject to an authorized credit and/or background check.

Unit Selection Floor Plans

Below you can select any Unit you are interested in. Multiple selections are allowed. The first space you select will serve as your primary preferred Unit. However, the Unit(s) you select are tentative until we contact you. We reserve the right to confirm your housing request based on current availability.

Please choose up to 3 apartments in the order of your preference.

Apartment 1

Bedroom A - Queen Bed
Bedroom B - Queen Bed

Studio 2

Single Occupancy - Queen Bed
Double Occupancy

Studio 3

Single Occupancy - Queen Bed
Double Occupancy

Apartment 4

Bedroom A - Full Bed
Bedroom B - Full Bed
Entire Unit

Apartment 5

Bedroom A - Full Bed
Bedroom B - Queen Bed
Bedroom C - Twin Bed
Bedroom D - Twin Bed

Apartment 6

Bedroom A - Full Bed
Bedroom B - Full Bed
Bedroom C - Queen Bed

Apartment 7

Bedroom A - Queen Bed
Bedroom B - Full Bed
Entire Unit - Single Occupancy

Apartment 8

Bedroom A - Queen Bed
Bedroom B - Twin Bed
Bedroom C - Twin Bed
Bedroom D - Twin Bed

Apartment 9

Bedroom A - Full Bed
Bedroom B - Queen Bed
Bedroom C - Twin Bed
Bedroom D - Full Bed

Note: Should your Unit selection not be open for your initial move-in date request, you can always transfer to it when it becomes available.


Newport Place limits the number of guests you may have stay with you. You are limited to one guest at a time. Each guest is allowed a maximum stay of 1 week, with not more than 2 guests in a 2-month period. For stays more than 3 days, a $25.00 guest fee will be billed to your account. Note: Should you request an air-bed & linens there will be an additional $25 set-up/breakdown fee.

Do you have plans for family/friends to sleep in your bedroom or studio during your stay?

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